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Hello and welcome! I am Dr. Tonya L. White, DBA, MBA, CLC. My mission is to empower NEXT Level Ready Individuals, like yourself, to walk in your Divine PURPOSE and God-Given Power! 

Make no mistake about it, your existence on this earth is not haphazard. You were created for PURPOSE. 

Welcome and thank you for visiting Warrior Power Academy which includes Personal and Professional Development Coaching. Our mission is to help you understand the power you possess. To give you the tools you need to become a true WARRIOR to help you overcome every obstacle that tries to stop you from walking in your divine purpose. 

I   am a passionate certified, Faith Based- mindset, personal development, career and leadership coach who offers coaching services to a range of individuals including high school students, college students, entrepreneurs, job and career changers, executives, leaders and potential leaders. 

My experience is varied but includes 13 years of management experience in hospitality, overseeing five departments, 18 plus years in Academia, including positions such as Director of Career Services, Associate Dean of Online Learning and Marketing Professor teaching marketing, management and leadership courses in both the undergraduate and graduate levels. And finally, last but certainly not least, 8 plus years as an entrepreneur and business owner.

I am certified as a Master Life Coach, Solution Focused Coach, Mindset Transformation Coach and Goal Success Coach.

I specialize in MINDSET Transformation, solution-focused empowerment and personal growth coaching. 

I offer coaching services, individually, in group sessions, workshops and online courses. 

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I am excited to join you on your journey to empowerment. 


Coach T 

Testimonials: What People Say

“I wanna thank you for the work we’ve done so far and for giving me tools that have made a huge difference in my life. Like taking the time to meditate and be in a state of gratefulness. For writing things out in detail and identifying the Bob’s in my life. I’m still identifying and battling it out with him, but I can say that I’m in such a better place than I was when we first started working. ”

Ms. Jordaishia W.

“Thank you Dr. White. You truly inspired us. ”

Coach Nikki

“It was an absolute pleasure having Dr. Tonya White of Exclusively You Coaching present a valuable workshop to our student-athletes today. She spoke about “Discovering Your Inner Power” and my oh my did she drop off some valuable notes! I’ve always admired her full transparency, relatability, and communication. It felt like a mini-Webber Reunion. Nikki King and I are so grateful for you coming and imparting wisdom and motivation our young ladies. A major part of who we are and how we operate is because of those office conversations we used to have 11 (yes, 11) years ago.”

Coach Angelica P

“Dr. White, I wanted to say thank you for helping me create my resume and also for helping me find the right career for myself. With you helping me I am currently employed at CVS in my city and I am working the business side and pharmaceutical aspect of the company. Thank you so much. ”

Ricardo D.

“Tonya, .... thank you for everything. I will definitely recommend you to anyone searching in the future, thanks.”

Chad H.

“Congratulations Dr. White! Another great achievement you are willing to share with others. Creative people are always thinking of ways to help oneself and another heartbeat in life. Each time you achieve a pivotal goal, you create a vehicle to help others. Thank you! Your website is inviting, beautiful and peaceful. In the climate we are living in today, a reset, a true self analysis is needed on so many levels. Sometimes a caring gentle push in the right direction from an outside force such as a life coach, who does not know the ebbs and flows of your personal journey in the beginning, is all one needs to help him or her to SHIFT their way of thinking... ”

Ms. Jackie R

“Dr. White, your caring personality and engaging coaching techniques can and will help "ready" individuals to get to that next level in life. You share your skills with others not to flaunt your achievements but to help all that are receptive to the material presented because this is your mission in life. Your academy will present the tools to overcome obstacles that we all encounter at some point. We must be willing to do the work in order to create change. I know you are willing and able to help us confront the detours that so many of us have faced and guide us to the solution, the freeway, that is open to all sorts of possibilities for success. You are relatable, knows how to dig deep when necessary and most of all, you truly care. The tools that you have and are willing to share will be a bridge for others to cross.. I know it's your passion and it shines through.. Thank you for helping me and sharing your experience, knowledge and love with everyone you come in contact with. I applaud you, I salute you, I empower you to continue to climb. See you at the top!Ms. ”

Ms. Jackie

“Dr. White, I just wanted to reach out with an update that I will be attending Nova Southeastern University in South Florida for law school beginning in August. I want to sincerely thank you again for the role you played in allowing this to be possible. I could not have done it without your help. You were an awesome professor during my MBA program, and I will most definitely use the skills and feedback you gave me (especially those involving public speaking) to find success the next few years. Thank you so much again! ”

Ms. Sabrina H.

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